Trapti rahangdale

Hi, I'm Trapti. I SVG, animations and Web

I am a freelance Creative frontend engineer based in India. I can help you with creating and optimizing SVGs, creating web animations, responsive layouts, websites, webapps and many more.

I emphasize on accessibility and performance in my work.

I blog on these topics and I am available as a guest author.

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What people say

“We worked with Trapti to build our corporate website. The design was extremely custom with many complex SVG animations. Trapti was a great development partner with a positive attitude and she completed the website build exactly as we had imagined. The complex animations were built to be fully responsive and Trapti was sure to advise us with best practices throughout the process. I recommend Trapti for website development services and hope to partner with her in the future!”
Vicki O'Neil - Creative Director, LifeSci Communications
“A very good experience and a pleasure working with her. Proactive in finding adequate solutions in the development of the user interface; punctual, precise, honest and flexible. Excellent animation management skills with SVG and GSAP. The clean and elegant code tells of her skill and competence.”
Ing. Francesco Fiorani - Crealia
"I had the chance to work with Trapti on a tricky svg animation, not only she delivered a perfect work in time and struggled to solve challenging points of the project, but she also gave me advices and followed up the project in the next days, to check if everything was alright. I plan to work with her in the future, and I would recommend her to anyone, not only for her design and coding skills, but also for her super professional attitude."
Alexandra Spalato - Co-Founder GatsbyWPThemes
"We were looking for a few high-end animation prototypes to bring particular sports photos to life, and Tripti delivered! She brought creativity to the table, plus her extreme attention to coding details."
Alan Karben - President at XML Team Solutions, LLC


homepage design of Space Tourism
Space tourism

I wanted to get familiar with Astro. So I used Frontend Mentor's challenge design and created this in Plain HTML, CSS and Javascript.